General Information

Why Do People Go to AP BOOT Camps?

Students we’ve spoken to have given a number of reasons for why they’re doing an AP Boot Camp program. The number one reason? Their parents signed them up for one. However, there are other reasons why you might want to attend an AP Boot Camp. You may need help boosting your low scores. You may have already tried self-study and found it too difficult to maintain a rigid schedule. You may find it beneficial to look into an AP Boot Camp program, where you can receive targeted AP prep in a short span of time. You may not have taken the AP before, but you want to get it right on the first go. You may need help figuring out what sort of study methods you need for the AP. You might need a personal tutor to structure a study program tailored to your needs. If that is the case for you, then you might benefit from a specialized AP Boot Camp program.


The AP boot camp is designed for the AP students in any course to help students focus on the skills necessary to successfully complete a year in Advanced Placement courses. This goal will be achieved through experiences designed to encourage teamwork, communication, organization, critical reading and writing as well as problem solving.

Program Overview:

  • Online diagnostic testing so we know where you stand before you arrive
  • 6 hours of intensive test prep on Saturday and Sunday including overviews from all test sections
  • Suitable for any level of experience with the AP
  • Advanced strategies and problem analysis for all test sections
  • College advising interview on Saturday evening